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Strength. Flexibility.  Barre.


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Who We Are

Motion Study Mind/Body Studio in Newton, MA was founded by Denise Griffin Crowe and Julie Chrzan, both highly trained with a combined 25+ years of experience in the barre industry.  Denise and Julie believe that exercise should empower you, enhance your life, and give you the energy and strength to accomplish everyday tasks.  We offer a well-balanced, varied program of classes that re-energize your every day and transform your life by allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

Class Formats

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Our signature 60-minute barre class builds strength, sculpts muscles, increases flexibility, and improves well-being using proper alignment and form, using both isometric and full range movements. 

Socks are required.


This high energy, 45-minute total body class combines cardio and strength intervals, designed to raise your heart rate and push you out of your comfort zone.  Super fun and customizable to all levels, with low and high impact options throughout.  Class will use light and heavy weights, and may also use Core Balls, gliders, and resistance bands. Sneakers, bare feet, or socks can be worn for class. 



This 45 minute class is a fun way of getting high intensity cardio in a low impact format, while improving balance, coordination and stability. Done on a mini trampoline, this class also will use light and heavy weights.

Sneakers, bare feet, or grippy socks are recommended.

You will not be permitted to enter class if you arrive more than 5 minutes past the start time.


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Hear from Member Sharon, who felt nervous about getting started before she tried our classes

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Member Leslie talks about how wonderful it is to be back in the studio with this community!

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Hear about Member Jhilam B's physical and energetic transformation!

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